What We Do

UDC provides technical expertise and strategic thought leadership to non-profit organizations, government agencies and community developers working to change the landscape of their urban environment and bring enhanced opportunities to the constituents they serve.  


UDC provides 1) insight to help communities utilize the full strength of their collective energy and ability to catalyze their envisioned concepts, 2) technical assistance to develop organizational capacities to independently implement and manage complex projects and 3) strategic leadership to effectively interpret and express the purpose of projects in order to move them through funding, planning and inter/intra government agency approval processes. 


UDC specializes in affordable housing, special use facility, economic development and infrastructure project deal structuring, land-use planning, financing and management implementation.  UDC also provides acute technical advisory and constituent engagement leadership for the formation and implementation of community planning initiatives and business improvement districts.  UDC takes pride in providing hands-on results-oriented consulting services with a unique capability to help its clients build internal capacity.  In addition to its project services, UDC has managed the technical writing, proposal submittal and contract compliance for $140 million in subsidized, foundation and private funding for various projects.  

UDC is a d.b.a. of S. L. Franklin Enterprises, Inc.  The company was initially founded in 1990 by Sherri L. Franklin as S. L. Franklin & Associates and then incorporated in the State of California under its current name in January 2004.  The UDC offices are located at 1100 S. Hope Street, Suite 103, Los Angeles, CA 90015. 


UDC has a 5-member staff and maintains partnerships with several community and economic development consultants who are able to participate on project assignments as needed. UDC maintains a 6 day per week work schedule with operating hours ranging between 8:00 am to 10:00 pm depending on required assignments.  


UDC is a pre-approved consultant for the following City of Los Angeles agencies:  City of Los Angeles City Clerk’s Office for Business Improvement District formation services and the City Administrative Office and the City of Los Angeles Planning Development for community engagement services. 

Resource Development

To date, UDC has managed the technical writing, proposal submittal and contract compliance for $140 million in subsidized, foundation and private project funding.   Our team possesses tactical knowledge on how our clients can utilize the myriad of economic reinvestment incentives and public policy initiatives to revitalize communities and bring their development and business concepts to fruition.  We lead our clients through a synergistic concept visioning process that works to ensure the creation of mission driven projects and programs and the promotion of sustainable organizational growth.  


We work with organizational leadership to assess the feasibility of their proposed project, facilitate board and staff strategic fund development planning, initiate donor prospecting and create compliant and creative narrative responses for Request for Proposal, foundation and conventional funding applications.

Project Management 

Our team works on behalf of our clients to manage the entire development process from site acquisition through construction.  As a builder of both physical and human capital, we assist our clients in garnering an overall understanding of the life cycle of a development project by providing a structured team centered approach to managing the project outcomes.  


UDC is proficient in researching and analyzing demographic data, land-use and entitlement policies and ordinances, economic development trends and policies and neighborhood initiatives that can impact development and community planning efforts.  We work to ensure the development of fundable projects by overseeing the quality control of information, project deliverables and contract agreements in a manner that establishes confidence in our client’s ability to deliver amongst government officials, funders and community stakeholders.   


UDC works intently with organizational leadership and staff to facilitate comprehensive architectural programming assessment and value engineering design plans to ensure that project implementation efforts are continually in-line with our client’s mission, operational objectives and funding requirements. UDC works synergistically with project team members to share knowledge and information on best practice methodologies to facilitate the completion of feasible projects and to readily assess the “go”/“no go” project elements that are imperative to help our client’s make appropriate project decisions. 


UDC’s consultancy includes advise on the selection of development team members and consultants, management of bid outreach and selection process, procurement of design-build work items and construction team oversight and contract management.   UDC has development a comprehensive asset and property management training program that assist our clients in developing internal capacity monitor and maintain their development projects.

Community Planning and Entitlement

One of UDC’s core objectives is to help community development organizations and constituencies leverage community and specific plans to ensure accountability in design and promote sustainable environmental solutions.  Urban Design Center has established an excellent track record in managing entitlement and environmental approval processes as well as expediting projects through plan check and permit procedures.  


We facilitate efforts for the design team and our clients to work in partnership with the city planning departments to research the feasibility of General, Community and Specific Plan compliance as well as Building and Safety code requirements necessary to make the planning and environmental findings for each project.  We have developed an enriched constituent centered engagement process that works to build consensus and community based knowledge about projects and initiatives planned for communities.  


In addition, UDC specializes in the formation of property and merchant based business improvement districts and can assist property and business owners in developing their management district plan, assessment maps and formulas, constituent database, marketing strategies, business development concepts, petition drive, ballot initiative and management entity.

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